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Chacha Chai

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India is a tea loving country. Our day is incomplete without tea. With the pandemic, the demand for organised tea outlets and hygienically handled cafes are increasing and food delivery platforms have added to this opportunity further more.
Chacha Chai brews one of the best chai in the country, from famous Kashmiri Kahwa to Nizam-e-Ishq Irani Chai to filter coffee.
We are not only giving the best chai but also delicious Shikanji, Bun maska and Crushers to name a few. Start Chacha Chai Franchise Today.. Best Franchise Opportunity

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Curated Menu

A menu-mix that is specially designed to satisfy food needs anytime of the day


Locally Crafted

We Are Locally Crafted Beverages and Food Serving


Hygienically Handled

High in Quality – not just the menu, but the way its handled and served


Attractive Price Point

For the quality and the ambience offered, we surprise our customers with the price


Chacha Chai

Chacha Chai is the most innovative and locally crafted tea cafe brand. Tea is undeniably the most consumed beverage by all of us, including half a billion other Indians. We are passionate to provide the best experience for tea with local flavours. We are bringing the authentic tea flavour from South India to Kashmir.  The Chacha Chai brand experience can be clearly seen in our amazing store design, menu, environment, which is informative, colorful and always entertaining. Our customers will love the menu of Tea & Snacks, shakes, maggies, biscuits & more. We have a proven management team to keep the business developing and growing in brand strength. For a country where tea is a way of life, and snacking is part of leisure, we are presenting low investment models to ensure our franchisees success. Best Franchise Opportunity. Start your journey with Chacha Chai and Startup Affairs.

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Why Chacha Chai Cafe?

Tasty, Innovative and Curated Menu

High Quality at Affordable Pricing

Comprehensive Operations System

Complete Setup Support

Low Investment and High Return


A Franchise Opportunity Hard To Be Missed!

Investment - INR 5 Lakhs for complete Setup

  • Stall - Structure

  • Complete Equipment 

  • Lighting

  • Chairs - 4

  • Branding Materials

  • Marketing Materials

  • Initial Stocks

What you need to provide to start Chacha Chai? - A Location 120 Sq. Ft. inside or Outside  

Ideal Locations - High Profile Streets, Near Corporate Offices, High Footfall Locations, Bus Stops, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Canteens and Societies.

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Support - Inventory, Stock, Training, Manpower Support, Marketing and Menu Management

Manpower - 2 Chacha's , 1 for Beverage Master and 2nd for Food Master

Excellent ROI 

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Our Brands

idlish-logo (2).jpg
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Chacha Chai
Chacha Chai is offering varieties of Aromatic Desi Teas and Delicious Snacks. Do not miss Chacha Chai Opportunity!
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Norfest is one of our go to places in Hyderabad to satisfy our cravings for delicious North Indian food ! Urban Dhaba concept
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