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Hospitality Services

Restaurant business can be and is one of the finest business to own. Our aim is to enable you to achieve your goals in the food business by fast, insightful service from us.

We work with first time entrepreneur, small and medium enterprise and chain restaurants.And have worked with investors to evaluate their investment opportunity.

Complete Turnkey Restaurant Consulting

Startup Affairs is the perfect partner to turn their idea of opening a restaurant into a reality. We work with you through the entire process from Idea creation through the design and construction details till post-launch of your project.

  • Concept Planning and Feasibility Study

  • Kitchen Layout and Equipment Planning

  • Technical Detailing

  • Proposing and Finalisation of the Vendor

  • Project Execution

  • Manpower Recruitment

  • Food Testing

  • Soft Skill Profiling and Training of Personnel

  • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch

Menu Development Consulting

A good menu design expresses the restaurants personality, focuses on your overall operations, promotes profitability, establishes your budget, and keeps your brand fresh in the customer mind.

  • Menu Designing, Planning and Recipe Development

  • Technical Detailing pertaining to only Menu

  • Execution

  • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch

Turnaround Consulting

The ability for a business to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment creates a unique set of challenges for all customers.  Restaurants need to react quickly to market movements, anticipate market needs and implement outcomes designed to take advantage of market trends.  Enhanced management, shedding of businesses, restructuring balance sheets and renegotiating key contracts are just some of the critical tools available to effectuate a successful turnaround. Stabilising operations, improving inefficiencies or providing strong leadership are just a few of the services we provide in order to maximise the turnaround.

Food & Beverage Consulting

Startup Affairs recognises and balances all relevant components of restaurant business, the brand, the operating model, and the right strategy in order to create a foundation to build premium profit. With a process focused on quick profit generation for the concept, we help our clients perform well.

  • Kitchen Layout and Equipment Planning

  • Menu Engineering

  • Proposing and finalization of the Vendor

  • Execution

  • Soft Skill Profiling and Training of Personnel

  • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch

Cloud Kitchen Setup

Cloud Kitchen Setup service is a complete assignment. Your project of cloud kitchen setup will be hand held from the concept stage, till the restaurant starts and beyond.

  • Concept Finalisation

  • Documentation

  • Menu Development

  • Kitchen Layout

  • Equipment

  • Costing

  • Menu Price

  • Vendor Identifications

  • Kitchen Setup Support

  • Soft Launch

  • Marketing 

  • Brand Building

  • Sales Enhancement

  • User Experience


You have decided to turn around your existing restaurant and you want a consultant to help you in two menu planning training of your employees and marketing then we would like to present you ourselves as one of the best restaurant consultants in India. we provide old restaurant setup services which is unique and Mini operational Consulting Services including marketing branding and stand rise of present menu and changes of menus and training of employees.

What Our Clients Say

Foodie Blog

Sunil Venkata P, Owner, 21 Minutes Grills

It was my dream to start my own restaurant. Somehow I was not able to execute due to my limited knowledge in the food sector. I met The Startup Affairs Team. Great people to associate with. They helped me to set up my restaurant, marketing and brand building. In a very short time I am doing better than lots of other restaurants nearby. 

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