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Utsav - A Veg Restaurant

Startup Affairs presents best franchise opportunity with Utsav. Utsav is the only restaurant to have won all the four awards by Association of Catering Professionals, Diners Club, Times Group and AP Tourism. This recognition and awards bestowed on us is a constant reminder for us to serve you better and delight you always.

The award winning vegetarian restaurant that you cherished for long is now back in an all new format, delivering deliciousness directly to your doorstep. Come, join us as we continue to celebrate this ode to food. Best Opportunity - Utsav Franchise


Why Utsav?

Brand credibility

The brand carries a legacy of offering a cuisine that’s dearly enjoyed by families of India and here to expand across the globe



We are one among the few Dine-ins who stand out for providing right delicacy and a perfect food through cloud kitchens.



An array of delicacies from appetizers, royal curries, Indian, and the list goes on. You ask and you get it.

Tie-ups with aggregators

Zomato, Trip Advisor, Swiggy, the brand is listed, showcased to reach more customers.


Training Support

Our hands-on comprehensive training includes all facets of restaurant operations for 2-3 weeks followed by an ongoing support.


Franchise Details

  • Franchise Models                                                FOFO 

  • Setup Models.                                                     Cloud Kitchen 

  • Area Required                                                     500 Sq. Ft. for Cloud Kitchen        

  • Investment                                                           INR 15 Lakhs (Kitchen Setup, Equipment & FF)

  • Royalty                                                                 3% (After operation breakeven)

  • Other Supports                                                    Training, Setup, Operation Manual and Marketing

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